How we work

Our services: editorial and advertising assignments. We are specialized in Architecture and Interior Photography.

Usual stages of a project

Project Analysis: We start with a contact via phone or email, then you can explain your project. We will ask some questions in order to evaluate it and we will send you an analysis of it, timing and an estimate without any obligation.

Design and organize the project: Our expertise in this kind of work can guarantee the best organization

Shooting days: We will take care of everything we can need to achieve the objectives, and to convert the sesion into success

Postproduction and retouching: It's very important for us, it can be the diference between a good picture and an excellent one.

Delivery: We send the results via internet worldwide. 

Editorial promotion: We promote the publication of the pictures in the best magazines and online magazines. Of course, if you'd like we do it.


We are based in Spain and work worldwide